Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More Ceviche....

Today Tio Ismael took me, my mom and Tia Mimi to eat some ceviche at this place where he says serves really good food. It seemed like it was in the middle of nowhere. We finally got there and the ceviche was awesome! We also had something else I think it was clam or something I´m not sure, but it was in a shell. My mom didn´t like that very much though.

After lunch we went downtown. We walked around and also found this little Peruvian festival thing and I bought 3 new hats. I can never have enough hats! We also ate some Mazamorra Morada, its a custard type thing that is made from purple corn. I can´t really describe the taste but I´ve heard people say it tastes like bubble gum.

There was so many police around. And everything seemed kinda sketchy. We asked one of the police what was going on and he said that there´s supposed to be a protest or something so they were getting prepared for anything. It sounded exciting to me and I was hoping to see something cool.

Making friends with the police

the dogs wear these crazy muzzles. It made me so sad..

some tank infront of the President´s mansion

We also went to the post office there. It was really cool because you go down some little stairs and theres all these stands where people are selling post cards and other things. They always try to convince you to buy from them. I bought a few post cards and then some kid approached me and had this whole little spiel about helping children or something I dont know, I really have no idea what he said but I gave him money anyways. I think I do that too much..maybe thats why I am getting broke. Oh well.

Post Office

We walked over the the Plaza de Armas and to the cathedral. I really wanted to go inside but there was something going on in there and it cost money to get in. So I just took some pictures of the outside. I saw a perfect opportunity to do a little climbing to. But it wasnt that high plus it probably wasnt so safe either. But I just climbed the side of the cathdral towards a statue. I miss climbing.

Plaza de Armas

climbing with my new hat

So nothing ever came about with that whole protest. After we came back everything had already happend so we missed it. Oh well. Maybe next time

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