Monday, August 11, 2008


Yesterday was a cool, rainy day. It´s been pretty gloomy and cold lately. It sprinkles almost every day for a little bit. This is how winter is here. I don´t like the rain(if you can even call it that) at all. It just messes up my hair and I look like a disaster! But oh well. I don´t actually really care all that much. I have been wearing hats lately anyways. Me and Stefani had lunch at Carlos´and Mary´s house in the afternoon. She cooked ceviche de pollo. It´s chicken cooked in onions and lime juice with rice. It was really good. I had never had that before but it seems really easy to make. Well I was actually a little nervous about going to their house for lunch. They have told me that the house is haunted and that wierd things happen there. Things like that always freak me out! One because I am probably one of the most gullible people on this earth and two because I always belive in those things for some reason. Well i had to blow my nose when I got there and there was no toilet paper in the downstairs bathromm so I had to go upstairs. I told her I was too scared to go up there but Mary said that I would be fine. Well I prayed the whole way up the stairs and down! i ran out of the bathroom and back downstairs as fast as I could. there was no way I wanted to see or hear anything crazy! Ahh! I couldnt wait to get out of there!

Later that night we went back to Stefani´s house and Carlos showed me pictures of when he went to Iquitos and Cuzco and Machupichu. Oh how I want to go there so bad!!! It looks so amazing! And I would love to take pictures there! I plan on going in december. It all depends on if i stay longer or if i just come back again this year. We´ll see what happens.

Me and Stefani went out for a walk later that night and it was drizzling again. It was so funny to me becuase to me this "rain" is nothing. And Stefani was saying how this is the most rain she has ever seen and how wet everything is. I told her all about the rain I have encountered in my life and how I have had to pull over on the interstate before because I couldn´t see anything! She couldnt even comprehend it..she´s never seen anything like that before. So we met up with Jose at a little corner store and drank some Inca Cola and bought some cookies and sat on the side walk to talk. Well we ended up getting into this discussion about God and religion. He is newly into the Jehova Witness religion which really saddens me. I am always so interested to learn about other religions and what their beliefs are and why. We ended up gettinginto such a deep discussion we took it back to the house. We all talked in the living room until about 1 am and my tio and tia got home and they were wondering what we were still doing up talking. I had alot of questions for Jose as he did for me too. I told him that we would continue this the next day. I want to be prepared with verses and proof for him because I get so overwhelmed sometimes and get confused and not know what to say. I even called my dad lastnight to give me some scriptures to point out to him. I really want to help him and educate him. He isn´t a Jehovah witness yet, he is still in the process of being educated, so there is still hope.

So right now I am waiting on my ride to go to the orphange to volunteer. I am so excited! I cant wait to get started!

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