Saturday, August 23, 2008

Street Market adventures...

Tia Nelly had her surgery on Tuesday. It went really well. She got out and back into her room around 1 am. The surgery was at 7 pm which to me is kinda wierd being so late, but I guess that´s how they do it here. The next morning she actually had to go back in to surgery becuase something happend with some drainage thing and they had to send her to the ICU. But thankfully she is fine now. She is acting completely normal and laughing and being cute as always. Her room is always full of vistors and we are all so loud and always laughing. I know that encouragement and love really has helped her get through.

Yesterday afternoon we went to go visit Tia Margarita again. She is doing so much better! She is really alert and talking and laughing and cracking jokes. We are all so happy to see that.

Yesterday was Stefani´s birthday! I got to her house and we had some cake and then turned on some music and just danced and danced in the living room. It was so funny. I love the music here. There was only about 5 of us and it was so fun sliding all over the wood floors. After that we all went to eat pollo a la brasa. It was already midnight and I shouldnt be eating this late but it is just too good to refuse! We talked and ate until about 1:30 am. And poor Stefani she has to go to work in the morning! Tonight is her birthday party, I´m really looking foward to it. I know it will be so much fun!

Yesterday morning I went to the laundry mat by myself! I was a little scared at first but then I didnt care. I just have to be aware of all my surroundings and alert. The walk wasn´t too long but I still hadto go towards a busy main street where there are alot of people. I also went to get some chinese food next door to and I tried to talk as little as possible. People here can always tell that I´m not from here because of my accent. Noone seemed to notice. So then my cousin Becky showed up, she was picking up Raquel at the bus stop, and heard I attemped to come by myself and got worried. But I was fine. I think I could get used to this life here. I think I´ll just stay.

So just got back from the little market over here. I went with Patty and her little boy Alonzo. We walked down all these dirt roads to get there. Then there was this long street with people all over selling stuff. There were little women on the side walks with potatoes, tomatos, carrots all kinds of vegetables all sprawled out on the ground. They had little scales to weigh everything. We bought a whole bunch of stuff form them then we went into the market. We went to this little stand where they make smoothies. All natural. I got a "batido especial" and it had papaya, banana, pineapple, orange, and much more kinds of fruit. And the lady added different kinds of honey and other powdered stuff. It was si delicious! Probably one of the best smoothies ever. After we got done we bought more stuff. The chickens were all hanging from strings and they had the head and feet attached. They don´t waste anything here! I think it´s great. And so much healthier to eat organic meat. I love going to the market it´s alwyas so much fun. We went to this other little stand where this lady was selling little eggs. They are eggs form "codorniz" I don´´t know what that is in english, but I am sure it´s just a small bird of some kind. I was kinda hesitant to try one but they tasted just like regular eggs. Except they are cute and little. Then we went over to this lady that had huge sugar canes and she has this contraption that squeezes out the juice. I had a couple of cups of that it was so sweet and good. I love to chew on sugar cane too. It was so fun to go to the market today. I also bought some fried banana chips! My favorite snack here!

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