Saturday, August 2, 2008

Getting sick..augh

So Friday morning my cousin Claudia came to see me! I was so excited to see her. She just started working at a salon and she does manicures and pedicures. She wanted to do my nails too so she glued some tips on my nails and gave me a french manicure. It was really pretty but I am just not a long nails person. It´s just kinda hard to function with because long nails just get in the way. Becky came over too and we just hung out and took some pictures. We drank some tea and ate some bread and just chatted away.

Claudia, me, Becky

After Claudia left to go to work, I went to my Tia Nelly´s house. My Tia Nelly has breast cancer and she is going to have a mastectomy next week. She is so cute and little. And she is still as happy as can be. She doesn´t even look sick at all! It was really good to see her. She just came back from New York. She had gone to visit her daughter Kela and that´s where she took some tests and found out she had cancer. We stayed there for a couple of hours and I ate some lunch.

Tia Nelly

I got back to tia Mimi´s house and packed up my stuff. I had already planned on staying with my cousin Stefani for the week. She´s one of my cousin´s closest to my age. Everyone else is alot older. We get along so good and have so much fun together. My cousin Lucho came to pick me up and drive me to her house. She lives in Surco and I am staying in El Callao and it´s a pretty long drive. But the drive is nice because we go through this road that overlooks the ocean and it´s so pretty.

When I got to Stefani´s house they were all waiting for my arrival. Everyone there was Stefani, Carlos, his wife Mary, Patty her husband Jose and her 2 kids Alonzo and Camilla, and my tio Benjamin and my tia Glorai. We had some wine and champagne to celebrate! My tia Gloria also made Papa La Huncaina (potato´s covered in this cheese stuff) it was delicious! We all just sat around and had a great time and took some pictures.

me, Stefani

Towards the end of the night I wasnt feelong so well. I had started to feel a little sick to my stomach on my way there but I did´nt think anything about it. But when I woke up in the morning I felt so sick! I had drank some yogurt Friday afternoon before leaving and I think that something was wrong with it. Maybe it was expired. All I know is that I felt awful and my stomach was killing me! I had to go to the pharmacy to get some medicine. It´s not helping.

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