Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Religious views???

Well tonight me, Stefani and Jose continued our little discussion about the Bible. This time I was prepared though. I had a list of Bible verses to show him. Well he came prepared as well. He had this booklet he got from his church I guess that explained how Jesus isn´t God. To me thats rubbish but I wanted to hear him out anyways. Well I won´t even write much about what we talked about it would take too long. But I had so much proof of what I was trying to explain to him but he would always have something crazy to say back to me that would completly try to disprove what I had to say, it didnt work though. I have decided that I will no longer talk to him about this stuff becuase I was just getting really pissed off. He would never even stop to listen to what I had to say. As I am writing this he is actually right here still argueing but he is talking to my uncle now. I decided that writing on here would be productive than to keep arguing. Well i am off to bed now. I have to get up and be ready by 7 am and it´s almost 2 am already.

Oh tonight my aunt made some Algorrobina for me. It was so good! I had a little glass and then she yelled from the kitchen to get the last bit. Me and Stefani both ran out of the office at the same time and I was still taking my last sip and my arm ran into the door and I hit my tooth against the glass. My mouth was full but I wanted to laugh but couldnt and finally when I swallowed I was like "I think I chipped my tooth!!!" Stefani had just taken a big sip and when i said that she started laughing so hard she spewed out her drink everywhere all over the table and on Paty and her mom! It was hilarious! and I really did chip my tooth a little though. That´s what I get I guess!

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