Monday, August 25, 2008

Not coming back...

I´ve been staying with my mom since Sunday. I am getting sadder and sadder about her leaving, since I have decided to stay here. I don´t know for how long or the real reasons why, but I just feel that God wants me here right now. I am so excited to be experiencing this culture and being surrounded by my amazing family! My mom is really sad about me staying. I really haven´t been away from home for such a long period of time since I went off to college when I was 18. So I know it will be hard on her and me as well as the rest of my family back home. But I know I am doing what I need to do right now. There is nothing tieing me down making me go back and now is such a great opportunity and maybe my only chance to follow part of my dreams of traveling. I am so overwhelmed with happiness and joy right now being here.

Saturday night I had so much fun at Stefani´s birthday party. I met alot of cool people and just had a blast. Parties here are so much different but alot funner too. Im happy to have met new people to hang out with. We all plan on hanging out again soon.

Monday me, my mom and tia Mimi went to the market to buy some material so shecould start making some blankets for my nieces and nephews. I love going to the market. There is always so much to see and buy! I was a little nervous though becuase I had my camera in my purse and my mom got money out of the ATM and I had to hide the money in all different places. I had the Visa card in my sock along with some cash then I put another bill in my other pocket and my other sock too. Sometimes it´s scary to think how many bad people there are in this world and how people can get robbed just like that. Then we were standing at this one stand and some man walked by and dropped a coin behind us. Which can also be mistaken for a sign they want to rob us. So I got a little freaked out but I was calm and hurried my mom and went a different way. After all that we bought some stuff and I was starving! I really wanted a smoothie. So we went to this little stand and ordered 3 Batidos Especial. It was so cheap and it´s not like when you go to Smoothie King where they make your drink, fill up your cup and then throw oput whats left over if there is anything left over. They keep filling up glasses until the blender glass thing is empy. We had 6 glasses of that stuff!! I drank 3 since my mom was full and enjoyed every minute of it! It was so delicious!


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