Friday, August 15, 2008

Sunny days..

My mom finally got here! We waited for over an hour at the airport. I really though I was going to pass out from being so tired! I can´t believe I stayed up all night! I havent done that in a long time. Well yesterday Claudia came early in the morning to see my mom. It was so sweet because they both started crying when they hugged. She´s always been really close with my mom since she was little. We had some tea and some bread and laughed and laughed.

I finally have my little mom back!

mami, Becky, me, Claudia

they are crazy..we laughed for about 10 minutes straight

The day is so sunny today! I was so hot I couldn´t almost take it..Definatley not as hot as Nashville, but since it´s been so cold and rainy here it felt like a huge difference! It felt nice though. I had never seen blue skies in Lima before.

Later that day we went to visit tia Nelly. My mom was so happy to see her! and she was happy to find her well and not looking like she is sick. We ate some food, rice and "cauliflor saltado" its cauliflower and steak with fried potatoes. It was delicious! Just like everything else I´ve eaten here is!

Today we went to eat at tio Ismael´s house. He lives so far away it´s always a long exhausting adventure to get there. We took a cab and I sat in the front because my mom is too scared to sit up front because of the crazy, horrible driving here. But I think it´s great. You never know what´s going to happen. I always have to tell my mom to close her eyes or not to look because she usually screams with terror. It´s pretty entertaining. The can driver ripped us off though, tia Mimi never tells the cab drivers the exact address to where we are going. She always says by what street it is or by what store. So when we get to where she says they just want to drop us off and then she says how its in the neigborhood coming up and they get mad. I don´t blame them though. So when we got to the street he said he would have to charge us more to go in the neigborhood. I knew he would end up charging too much because since I was all talking to him and having a conversation about everything he found out that we were from the U.S. so when we got to my uncle´s house he charged us 5 soles more! It was ridiculous because it was right down the street. But oh well. Now I am in charge of making sure tia Mimi tells the cab drivers the entire directions to where we are going.

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