Friday, August 29, 2008

Parque de las Leyendas

So I´m supposed to be leaving today to go back home to the states, but I am still here! yay!
So today I went to the Parque de las Leyendas (the zoo) with the kids from the school. It was pretty crazy! When I got there and my class saw me they all ran to me and gave me big hugs and kisses. They were so excited to see me. I hadn´t seen them in over a week. I was in charge of watching Nicoll. She was kinda quiet at first and U bought her an ice cream. Well i don´t know how or what happend but we got lost. I could not find our group at all! I thought they had passed us so I was trying to go faster and catch up. My mom came too and she said that they are probably ahead of us. Well I walked so fast and I still couldn´t find them. So I decided to just stop and buy something to eat. I got an empanada and a bottle of water. Well apparently our group wasn´t ahead of us. They were far behind! They had been looking for me too. I felt so dumb. Oh well. After that we had a lunch break. The kids are so crazy! they were all over the place! It was so fun though at first. After lunch we continued through the zoo. I was in charge of watching Lorena and Nicoll now. Well they would not listen to me and were running everywhere and I was really going crazy. I was so tired of walking and chasing after them. I was always relieved when they would actually stop to look at an animal. By the time we got to the end of the zoo I was exhausted! But it wasn´t over yet. They still had an hour to play on the little playground. Ahhhh!!! This whole trip seemed so disorganized and frantic! I was so ready to get home! Well I rode back with the pastor and this american missionary girl named Becky too. We stopped at Starbucks. I never thought I would be drinking coffee from there here in Peru! It was alot cheaper too.

Maria Jesus and Nicoll


things are starting to get frantic!

eating some lunch

Adriana. She really wanted to wrap my sweater around our heads for some reason

some bears

I saw this cute little lady and I had to sneak a picture of her!

Nicoll and Lorena

they climbed on everything!

there was this section where there were rurtles, Parrots, rabbits, chickens all in one pen. It was wierd

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