Sunday, August 10, 2008

Calle de las Pizzas... tia Nelly was supposed to have surgery Saturday morning but it got postponed for a week. It turns out that the doctor never told her that she was supposed to stop taking asprin. She takes it everyday. And since aspirin is a blood thinner she can´t be operated on until it´s all out of her system! Augh poor thing. But atleast now my mom will be here for it. She gets here on Wednesday at 4 am! I can´t wait to see her! i haven´t seen her in almost 3 weeks!

So lastnight, Saturday, me and Stefani and her brother Carlos and his wife Mary went to Playland Park. It´s a little rinky dink amusement park. It´s like our state or county fairs back home, but here its like what we would consider the old OpryLand Park. When we got out of the taxi the whole entrance is covered with vendors and people selling stuff. It´s crazy! I bought some cotton candy of course and a candy apple. They also had candied membrillo (a little round fruit that I have never heard of before) and it was so good. It tastes kinda like a mini peach but its sweeter and different. I can´t really explain it. So we rode 2 little roller coasters. They were fun but they are really nothing compared to other roller coasters I have been on. My cousins were so scared but I was just loving it. It was a good time. So when we were leaving I told Stefani that we should call her boyfriend Jose to meet us in Miraflores because I wanted to go to "el called de las Pizzas" so she called him and we decided to meet up. As we almost got there I remembered I hadn´t brought all of my money with me and I wouldnt have enough to do anything. So we took the taxi back to her house to get some money. I also wanted to leave my camera because I didn´t want to carry that huge thing around all night.

We met Jose and we went together to Miraflores. We went to this little bar called "El Bar Ingles". There were alot of tourists in there and the environment was pretty laid back. It was like an Irish pub type place. I had this Peruvian drink called Algarrobina. It has Pisco, milk, algarrobina(an extract from algarrobo, a fruit that comes from a sweet cod with seeds, it´s processed and it turns into a syupy substance), egg white, and cinnamon sprinkled on top. It was so good! We ordered to guacamole with this won ton roll things with cheese in it. Kinda wierd combination but it was pretty good. We played darts and just hung out. It was a cool little bar. Í definately want to check out the other little places around there soon.

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