Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to me...

So today is my birthday. It's a bitter sweet occasion, just because of the fact that I am in Peru with my family that I have never spent my birthday with. But at the same time I am away from my family back home. I miss my mom. Alot. My whole family actually. I'm a little sad but I have to suck it up and enjoy my day of birth.

I ended up staying at Tio Ismael's house lastnight. He and Roxanna had planned on taking me out to lunch for my birthday. I had really been wanting to eat Cuy (guinea pig) again since I had tasted it a few weeks ago. I got woken up super early because I had a birthday phone call. I was a little annoyed at first because it was 7 AM! But I ended up just going back to bed and slept until 9. We had a light breakfast. Some orange juice and fruit salad. We are always on a diet but usually by the end of the day we end up eating anyways. Around noonish we went off to find a restaurant that served cuy. We found one pretty close by. There were some men singing and playing guitar and banging on a cajon (I don't know how you would say that in spanish, the actual interpretation is "drawer" it is this wooden box thing that they just bang on with their hands like a drum or something. I guess it does kinda look liek a drawer so maybe that's why they call it that) The music was great and we ordered alot of food. When they brought out my cuy it looked kinda scary and wierd. But once I tasted it I just couldn't put it down. It was soooooo delicious!! The best meat I have ever tasted. Better than chicken, better than rabbit, better than duck! Seriously better than anything I think. And it is so low in fat as well. Too bad they only sell them at pet stores in the states as pets. Plus it's probably illegal to eat them there anyways. Oh well. I sure did enjoy myself though.

Cuy - My birthday lunch!

After lunch we went to Plaza San Miguel to just walk around and window shop. I did find some pretty awesome boots I really liked though, but too bad I am broke! We bought a cake and then headed to Tia Nelly's house. My cousin Dante had planned a little lonchesito for me and people were gonna come over and have cake and just hang out. When everyone finally got there we ate some snacks and had some wine and they all sang Happy Birthday, like 5 different versions of it, and we ate some cake. It was so good to spend it with some cousins, and aunts and uncles.

After that I headed to Surco, to my cousin Stefani's house. Tio Ismael drive me there with Roxanna, Claudia and Monica. They had planned a little thing there for me too. I was kinda stressed out about having so much crammed into one day. But I managed to get everything I had to do done. We got there around 10:30 and they had made some papa la huancaina. They toasted to me and we all just sat around and chatted and laughed and had a good time. After Tio Ismael and all them left, me, Carlos, Tio Benjamin, and Tia Gloria ended up staying up until 4 am just hanging out.

All in all my birthday was great. I've never had so many people want to spend time with me so it felt really nice. Especially being so far away from everything I know.

Lucho, Ruben, Dante, Monica, Claudia, me and Israel

with Claudia and Monica

Ruben and Lucho

Monica, Claudia, me and Tio Ismael

with Tio Ruben

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