Sunday, September 7, 2008

Real Felipe...

Today I went to the castle of Real Felipe with Janisse, Dante, Ronald, tia Nelly, Daniel, Ismael, and Mimi. Real Felipe is located in El Callao and its just this huge castle where many many years ago the king and queeen lived and all these wars and stuff went on. The castle tour was alot of fun. But I hate following tour guides. They are all so boring and I get so confused and just cant even pay attention. I just kinda walked around and did my own thing and took pictures.

After the tour we walked to La Punta de Callao. We took lots pictures and walked and walked. I bought some gummy candy from a little person selling candy on the side of the street. Candy is so cheap here and I love candy so much, its hard to resist any good candy sale! After we walked all the way to the end we went to eat some dinner. We hadnt even had any lunch yet so we were all starving! They all ordered anticuchos (cow heart on a stick) but I ordered mollejitas(gizzards) it was so good.

entrance to this tiny black hole of a prison

the statue of the unknown soldier

Real felipe

me, Janisse, and Mimi

view of the ocean

when we came down from the tower there was some random Pirate telling a story

ha! Ive always wantedto take a picture in one of these!

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