Sunday, September 7, 2008

Las Ruinas de Pachacamac.....

So my cousin Janisse is visiting from Chile. She recently got married and her and her husband Ronald came to Peru for their honeymoon. I havent seen her since 1989! It was good to meet up with her again! They are going to travel all over. They stoped by in Lima for the weekend to see her grandma(my tia Nelly) and sightsee here. My cousin Dante, her uncle, took the weekend off to show them around. They invited me to go with them. They came and picked me up Saturday morning and we drove to this little town called Lurin, to eat chicharron(pork) for breakfast. They are supposed to have the best tasting kind there. We approached the little town and we were driving down the street of chicharrones, where every little restaurant is known for selling chicharron. All of a sudden 2 crazy women jump infront of the car and told us to stop. At first I thought they were trying to rob us. Then the lady was yelling at us to come and eat at their restaurant, And the other lady was sticking huge forks into the car through the passenger window with pieces of chicharron for us to try! It was crazy! They wouldnt let us get through for like 5 minutes. We finally were able to get away and then other people came and did the same thing. I just kept eating what they were shoving in our faces, it was so good! So we finally got to the one we had planned on going to. We ordered a big order of chicharron and bread. We had a side of sarza, which consists of onion and lime juice. It goes good with ANYTHING!!! And we drank some black coffee. What a delicious, unhealthy breakfast. But so satisfying!
So after breakfast we drove to the ruins of Pachacamac. These ruins have been there for centuries. The day was pretty overcast but luckily it didnt rain or anything. We walked and walked soooo much! I dont know how many miles it was but I thoroughly enjoyed the hike. It has been so long since I hiked or did anything outdoors like that. It felt good to do a little exersizing. While we were there we met some random people. They were American and it was wierd to me because I didnt know if I should just keep talking to them in spanish or what. They obviously thought I was from here. So I just starting talking to them in english to make it easier on them. They were from Arizona. It was nice to talk in English again! It had been so long! Whats even wierder is that sometimes I randomly start thinking in spanish...hmm.

A little Alpaca we ran into

he was so cute

part of the ruins

Lucho, me, Dante

Lucho, me, Janisse, and Ronald

we had to walk all the way to the top to get to the Temple of the Sun

walking towards El Templo Del Sol (temple of the sun)

view of Lurin

in the temple

looking down the stairs

view of the ocean

another wall

all of us

the random people we met and their interpreter

view of part of Lurin

sign in english!

Tauri Chumbi Palace

my shoes got so dirty


this town was built on a valley

I snuck up to take a picure. We arent supposed to go off the trail

dirt road hiking

I didnt care what the sign says

After we left the ruins we went to eat some ceviche!!! It was so delicious! We also ordered some fried sea animals which consisted of calamari, fish, clam, octopus, shrimp and other stuff.

We left there and went Tia Mimis house for dessert. She was making picarones, these sweet, round, doughey things that they make here that you dip in syrup. It was so good. My uncles and aunts were there to and we watched the futbol(soccer)game and just hung out.

tia Mimi making Picarones!!!yum!

Later that night we me, Dante, Jannisse, and Ronald went to this place called "Sachun", a restaurant where they have typical dances and music folklore. It was so amazing to see those people dancing all those crazy dances, and the music was so good too. We watched, danced and ate. I had alot of fun. I definatley want to go back.

some Pisco Sour to start off the night

let the dancing begin!

dance of the jungle

the people sitting onfront of us ruined the picture!!!

im not sure what this is

these are all brothers and sisters that have been singing together since they were kids.

this guy was kinda wierd

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