Saturday, September 13, 2008

Stolen goods....

So this week I was planning on going back to the school to help out with the kids. I decided to take Monday off to just relax and not do anything. I was pretty tired from the whole weekend. So I called and left a message Monday afternoon that I could go on Tuesday. I never got a call back so I just took the rest of the week off for myself. I did buy myself a cell phone on Monday though. Finally! Now I can keep in touch with all my family here since I am just all over the place lately..

When Lucho gave me a ride back to Tio Benjamins house on Sunday he told me that on Wednesday he would come pick me up and he would take me to the Malvinas, its kinds like where you go buy stuff off the blackmarket. I was so excited because I had heard about that place and really wanted to go check it out. Anyways, so he came and picked me up Wednesday morning. We went and picked up his friend Luz also and it was alreadt late so we went to go get some lunch. We went to this little rinky dink restaurant and got Leche de Tigre. Which is kinda like ceviche except it has alot more lime juice and its served in a cup. It was really good! I put alot of rocoto, a really really hot, red pepper from here, sauce in it to make it even better. After we got done there we headed to Las Malvinas. This place was crazy!! There was soooo mcuh stuff there. all they really sell is electronics, so there were tons of cell phones, radios, stereos, computers, Ipods it was amazing! And everything was so cheap too!! I saw an Ipod I want to get that was maybe 60 bucks and it had like 60G! It was kinda scary being in there too because most everything is stolen there so we were surrounded by tons of thieves. But oh well. I wasnt too worried. Luchos friend works there and he told us where to go and who to buy from. I was so mad that I had already bought a cell phone the day before! I saw much cuter ones that I wanted and they were even cheaper! Oh well.

After we left there we went to this little Peruvian Festival. We were trying to find a place to go eat some food, but at the festival there werent many people eating and it looked kinda sketchy so we decided we would eat somewhere else. We leftthat festival and went to another one closer to downtown. I ended up buying a couple more hats and some other stuff. We called Monica, Luchos sister, to come meet us and go eat pollo a la brasa(rotisserie chicken) with us. We found her and went out to eat at Rokys. It was soooo delicious!! I think its one of my favorite things to eat right now!!

After dinner we went to Tia Chocos house, where they live and hung out for a little while. I was able to see my cousin Claudia again and everyone else that lives there. I was exhausted but we ended up staying there for about an hour. The other day a pregnant dog snuck into their house and gave birth under Luchos bed! Ha So he had to clean it all up and now they have 4 little puppies. I went up to the roof and saw them. They were so cute..I wish I could keep one..

I went and stayed with Tio Ismael for a few days. We had planned on going to go visit Tia Margarita. My mom sent me some money to buy her a blender. She didnt have one and had to borrow one from a neighbor. Poor thing..She was so happy when we came to see her and even happier about her new blender. We all stayed and hung out for a while with her. Then we went to visit Tia Nelly, everytime we go see her she always feeds us!! We stayed there for a couple of hours watched our novela and then went home. I went back with Tio Benjamin, I had already planned on going out with Stefani that night for her friends birthday. We ended up going to this place called Voce. It was pretty cool, there was a live band in the beggining and then some good latin music later on in the night. We had so much fun. I was sooo tired by the time we left though!!

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