Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Saying Goodbye...

Well my mom is left today early at 6 am. I am so sad. I´m really going to miss her so much. I do already! She was supposed to leave on the 4th but since that stupid hurricane is coming she had to leave a day early since she is flying into Miami. So we had to go visit people and say bye and do all this stuff in a hurry. I went to Minka a centro commercial with Tio Ruben and bought all this stuff my mom wants to take back home. Tons of spices, candy, cookies and chocolates. When we got back to Tia Mimi´s house Tio Benjamin, Tio Ismael, my cousin Becky and her kids where there and our other friend Becky, her boyfriend, her mom Ofelia and Luz where there to say good bye to my mom too. They had brought empanadas to eat, a big bag of chifles(plantain chips), olives(yuck), and they made some other stuff too. We all laughed and had such a great time hanging out.
After they all left my mom still had to finish packing, as did I. Her flight left at 6am so we had to be at the airport at 4 am. We slept maybe for an hour. I was so sad just thinking about how far away we will be from each other..Tio Ismael and Lucho took us to the airport. We all hung out until it was time to take her to board the plane. It was such a sad good bye. We both cried but I know I will be okay here. I have so much family and people that love me so much surrounding me. I´ll definately be taken care of. I am staying with Tio Ismael for a few days. I know it will be fun. Because he is so cazy and hilarious, all we do is laugh!!!

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