Thursday, September 18, 2008

Guinea Pig....

So I started feeling a little sick Saturday morning. My throat was hurting some but I didnt think anything of it. But by saturday evening I was already feeling pretty sick. I went upstairs and laid down around 8. Stefani came upstairs and we ended up talking and talking then she turned on some music and we ended up dancing and dancing. Ha! She is so fun..

But Sunday I ended up feeling like complete crap! I had planned on staying at Tia Nellys house for the week. So Tio Ismael came and picked me up in Surco and was going to take me the next morning since he had a doctors appointment closer where she lived. But when I talked to my mom that night she said I shouldnt go since I was sick and possible contageous. Since Tia Nelly just had surgery her immune system is weak and she is more prone to getting sick quickly. So I ended up just staying with Tio Ismael. It was so much fun. My he is hilarious and his family there is so nice and all we do is laugh, like 95% of the time! His wife Rosanna has 4 kids, Giovanna is the oldest but she is married and has her own place, then there is Julio, Jorge, and Cinthya, they all live there too. Wednesday was Julios birthday. His mom made a cake and she also prepared Al Gorrobina, this yummy milk drink, we all ate and listened to spanish music and danced in the living room. It was so fun. I didnt really feel that sick anymore by then. But I ended up just staying until Friday. Friday morning me, Tio Ismael and Rosanna went to Tia Nellys house. Rosanna was going to prepare this special concoction that people up in the mountains drink to help fight disease and illness, and make your immune system alot stronger. And since my Tia Nelly and Tio Ismael are both fighting cancer they decided they need to start drinking that stuff. One of the drinks is made with Cuy(guinea Pig) boiled in water with garlic, onions, celery, pepper and some other stuff. After it boils you put it all in a blender, bones and all, strain it and then drink it. I had never tried Cuy before but have always been curious to try it. They fried some of the Cuy that was leftcuy left and gave it to me and Tio Ismael. I ate some and it was sooo good!! Better than chicken. It was kinda sweet tasting. I ate half of it. I know it sounds gross but its normal here to eat guinea pig. I am definately going to try it again. Tio Ismael is going to take me to eat a whole one barbecued this Friday! I cant wait!!!!

dancing in the living room

Tio Ismael dancing with little Ashley

dancing with Julio

infront of Tio Ismaels house

uncooked Cuy(i know it looks pretty gross!!)

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