Monday, September 1, 2008

Tia Grimalda...

This morning we got to church 45 minutes late. I guess this is just how we have always been. I am usually always late for everything and my family here seems to always be too. So I´m thinking I´ll just blame it on genetics!

After church we were trying to figure out where to go for lunch. We drove by this little Peruvian Festival so we decided to just eat there. I ordered Chicharron(pork) I almost ordered Cuy(ginuea pig) they eat those here they aren´t pets. I have never tasted it before but I am curious to see what it tastes like. I´ll get that next time. My mom ordered duck with rice and everyone else ordered sopa de cornero(I don´t know how you would say that in english. Lunch was so good and cheap! I am always pretty shocked at how much we can order and how little it ends up costing.

where we ate at

our lunch, mine is the plate on the left(I dont know why the picture came out so red)



they cook meat in here.They cover them with stones and cook them that way.

After lunch we walked around the festival for a little while. I bought some really pretty black dangly earrings. They are made from some type of metal I don´t know. So then we headed out to go visit tia Grimalda. She lives kinda far away so it was a long ride. I was taking pictures of random things we drove by and I was´t even thinking about where we were and if it was safe. Then tio Ismael I guess saw me taking pictures and he told me to put my camera down because it was one of the sketchiest unsafe places and they will break the wiondows of your car to rob you! So that scared me and I put my camera away. If anything happens to my camera I think I would die!

Scenes from the drive:

We finally reached her house and I was so excited to see her. She is the oldest of all of them. She´s 86 years old. She is so little and cute. She is so special to me for some reason too. She was still downstairs when we got there. I looked down from the window and she was just walking around trying to get ready. She went over to the faucet and wet her hair and was trying to fix it. It was the cutest thing. When she walks she kinda drags one of her feet. She had a stroke and it caused her to lose alot of strength in her foot. She has to go up all these stairs too. But she says she is so used to it. When she saw me she even remembered me from 3 years ago when we came to visit, I was so happy! I didn´t think she would. We all sat around and ate bread and drank some tea and talked and talked. She even recited a poem for us. It was so sweet. Tio Benjamin got there later on and he ended up singing her a song. It was so good to see her again. I am definately going to go visit her alot while I am here. She is all by herself all day. She takes care of her son Miguel who has a brain injury and has been mentally disabled since he was about 18. But she is so healthy and her vision is perfect and her posture is amazing! She even lectured my uncles on sitting up straight, it was funny.

Tia Grimalda

Tio Benjamin singing her a song

Tio Ruben, Tia Grimalda, my mom, Tia Mimi

she´´s so little

even my mom is taller than her!

with Tio Ruben

with Tio Benjamin

with Tio Ismael

all of us

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