Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Tio Ruben...

So now we are on to a 3rd birthday. So many birthdays this week. Crazy!
This morning I went with tio Benjamin to immigration. I had to find out about extending my visa time here. They only gave me 90 days when i came in and that expires at the end of October. So anyways, they told me that there is this new law that came about a month before I traveled to Peru that says you can't extend your time anymore. The 2 options I have is to cross a border to another country or pay 1 dollar per day that I stay longer. So I'm thinking the plan will be to just cross a border. Which will be cool for me because that means more traveling and new sights!

So we got to Tio Ruben's house around 3. Everyone was going over there for his birthday lunch. Tia Mimi had cooked everything. She made carapulcra which is this dried potato thing with pork which is awesome! She also made some fried fish and rice. Everything was so good! We had some good tunes and everyone was just dancing and having fun. I laughed so much the whole time. More than I have ever laughed before I am sure. It was so cute to see all my little aunts and uncles dancing and having fun. The house was so loud and frantic. It was great. So I realized that noone had gotten my uncle a cake! So I went to the store with Lucho and bought one for him. I snuck it in the house without him noticing. We had another meal come out too, escaveche de pollo. It's this chicken that is served cold and it has onion and rice. It was really good too. After we got done eating we brought out the cake and sang and sang. Well my cousin Israel ended up pushing Tio Ruben's face into the cake! It was hilarious! everyone was screaming and laughing and Tio Ruben put frosting on the rest of my uncles. It was out of control. They are so funny! Luckily the whole cake didn't get ruined just a little corner. The cake was amazing too! It had about 4 different kinds of fruit in it. Yum!!! Everyone ended up dancing and dancing until late. What a fun fun night! I couldnt believe that it lasted all night. My family is great..

eating lunch

Tio Ismael dancing with a mop

Tio Ismael, Tia Nelly, Tio Ruben, Miriam, Tia Deborah, Tio Daniel, Tio Benjamin, Tia Mimi

Tio Benjamin dancing with a glass of wine on his head!

Ruben, Nella, her baby, Tio Ruben and I

with Rubencito

singing Happy Birthday

face in the cake

the singing begins

trying to figure out how to use his cell phone

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