Monday, October 6, 2008

Saying good bye...

Today is my last full day here..I'm pretty bummed. But knowing that I will be coming right back is comforting. This morning me, Cinthya, Rosanna, Giovanna and Ashley walked to the market. It was a little long walk but I enjoyed it. The day was so beautiful too. It was sunny but breezy and cool at the same time. I had to go to the ATM so me and Cinthya walked farther out to find one. When we came back we couldn't find Giovanna and Rosanna. So I invited her to get a smoothie with me. We went to this little booth area where they were making smoothies and other drinks. This market kinda sketches me out a little but I tried not to let it bother me.The woman was taking forever to make the smoothie so I asked her if she could just make it to go, that way we could just drinkin it on the way. So Giovanna found us and we were just standing there wiating for the smoothie and the lady asked me to pay. She also handed me a bag which I thought was wierd. So I look in the bag and I though "You've got to be kidding me???" The smoothie was in a plastic bag!! Ahh! I thought it was the craziest kinda gross thing I had ever paid for. And it even had a straw! I was laughing so hard! And I knew once I got back to the house and showed my uncle he would give me a hard time. He always told me never to buy any type of food or drink from people on the street! Oh well. I found it to be quite humerous actually.. I bought a whole bunch of awesome spanish CDs too. I definately want to be able to jam to my favorite tunes while I am back home.

We got back to the house and my uncle was fixing up this little car he had built himself. He's made 2 and they are so cool. They go pretty fast too. We had so much fun driving them around. I drove the 2 seater one last and me and Cinthya and little Ashley were going aound the street then all of a sudden it kinda leaned to the right and wouldn't go. The tire was off the ground and I though I had broke it! But apparantly I had just ran over some huge nail and the tire was flat. After that we just went back inside and ate lunch. We had ceviche and rice, and I made some patacones, fried smashed plantians. I figured I should make some Colombian type food. It wasn't much but they all loved it!

After lunch me, Tio, and Roxanna went to go visit Tia Margarita. She was really sweet and cute. After that we stopped by Tia Nelly's house because she had some stuff for me to pick up to bring to my mom. When we got there she took Rosanna to the kitchen and told her she had a job for her. She handed her a box and there were 2live little pigeons and 1 guinea pig. She wanted Rosanna to kill them and fix her little conctoction. Rosanna said no way because she didn't know how to do it anywyas. I went upstairs to do something on the computer for about 5 minutes and when I came back down somehow she had convinced her and they were already cooking the pigeons! I went into the kitchen and said "What's going on?" and then all of a sudden a little box fell from the counter and out ran the guinea pig! It ran into a closet in the kithen! My littel aunt scooted over to the closet, (it's not really like a normal closet, it's like just a little doorway sized hole in the cement wall and you can walk in it), she started pulling everything out of the closet. It was so funny because she is so little and just seeing her in there complaining was really cute. I told her to get out of there and I would hunt for the guinea pig myself. So after removing practically everything out of closet I finally found her. She was hiding behind some tank. Tia Nelly asked me if I was afraid of it and I said no because where I live these are considered pets! I got her out and handed her to my aunt. She proceeded to lift her up and grabbed one of those wooden garlic grinder things, I could tell she was about to kill it so I ran out of the kitchen because it just broke my heart and I definately didn't want to witness that. The little guinea pig was so cute too. When I went back into the kitchen they had alread boiled it and took off the fur. I was very sad. But I know that eating that helps my aunt so it's not so bad. It's just not the same as ordering it from a restaraunt and not having to see how the process is done. After that we left to go back to the house. I don't think I will ever be the same again....

smoothie in a bag!!

making Patacones

riding the little car with Ashley

Cinthya, Ashley and I

little puppy I saw when we went to put air in the tire

me and little Ashley

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