Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Culture Shock....

I don't like this one bit. I want to go back!!! I feel so crazy here for some reason...I landed into Atlanta this morning around 8 AM. Once I walked off the plane I just wanted to turn around and go back! It's so, so different here. A kind of different that I just don't like. I went to the bathroom before heading to immigration and I walked into the bathroom and there was some luggage just sitting by the door. In my mind I was thinking "oh no someone will steal that", but then I remembered I'm in the states now, it's not that bad here! Immigration went smoothly, luckily it went fast. When I went to get my luggage I got a little worried! I saw this little beagle sniffing all the suitcases and I had actually put some Lucuma (a fruit my mom really likes) in my suitcase. I was so scared that dog would smell it and then I would get fined or something. But luckily he sniffed mine and just moved on. Phew! I wnet to a little stand and bought some magazines, People and US Weekly. I need to get back on top of the celebrity gossip! ha..Iv'e finally realized I just don't care about that stuff anymore. It's funny to read but who really cares! It was funny though because lastnight at the airport in Peru I wanted to buy a magazine and they were selling it for 8 bucks!!! I was like "No way!".. That price was just out of control.

So I landed to Nashville and it was really wierd. I was wearing long sleeves because it is still cold in Peru and when I went outside to find my mom the weather sucked. It was all humid and gross. I thought it would be nicer being that we are in October now. But no. My mom pulle dup and I forgot about everything I hated about being back and was just so excited to see her! I've missed her so much! It feels good to be back with my family here. We went straight to Jose's house form the airport! I just couldn't wait to see the kids! When I walked in Joy was so shocked she even cried. Jonah ran up to me and hugged me for so long. Joseph was a littel unsure about the whole thing and Emma was kinda shy. Little Bellie was really shy but she did let me hold her and hug her. I was so happy to see them again! I definately was missing something in my life being so far away from them. I love those kids so much. I'm so happy so be with them again...

with little Bellie!!

with my Jonah

I can't believe how big Cali is now!!

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