Sunday, October 5, 2008

I Love Puppies!!!

Today Lucho came and picked me up from Stefani's house. We stopped by his house to say goodbye to all the kids and my cousins and my aunt. We had so much fun. Those kids are so hyper! But so cute too. They have 3 little puppies. Apparently the mother dog snuck into the house when she was pregnant and gave birth under Lucho's bed! He said he came home from work one night and found a whole family under his bed. They moved them all to the roof and thats where they have been kept. I saw them a few weeks ago and they were so tiny. So they took me to the roof to go play with them. They were adorable! They were all walking around and whining and falling over. I just love puppies! We played with them for so long. They had fleas but I didn't care, they were too cute not to hold. I hope they don't get rid of them before I get back!

they had fleas!

Yara with the puppies

Yara, Renato, and Me

I think this one is my favorite one

they are sooo cute!!

Yara, me and Dera

Tia Choco

Yara and Renato

in the end they fell asleep in a tire

the puppies trying to get milk from their mama

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