Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Touristy stuff..

My friend Yesenia works at this hostal here in Trujillo and they have a travel agency there as well. So she got me in on a tour going to Some ruins called Chan Chan. I was a little nervous at first just because I would be by myself, but when I got there I felt better because I was going with the english speaking tour. Which is less people and easier for me to pay attention. We went on this little van thing and it was so sunny and hot! The first place we got to was "La Huaca Arco Iris (Dragon)" (I´m not sure what Huaca is in english but the rest of it is Rainbow Dragon). It´s this huge temple with all these symbols and cool architecture. My group was pretty small. Everyone was so nice though. And they all had cool English accents except for me. Everyone here seems to think American´s are so cool and interesting. To me they are all so much more interesting than I am. I met these two cousins from London named Nick and Andres. They are traveling all through South America for 5 months! They were really funny. I wish I could take off 5 months and travel all over the continent!

on top of the huaca

View from Huaca Arco Iris

When we were leaving the Huaca I almost stepped on this crazy looking dog. I actually though he was dead. He didn´t move at all. It was a Peruvian Hairless dog. Apparently they are on the endangered species list and they are like a symbol of Peru or something. I though he was kinda cute though!

Peruvian Hairless Dog

little Peruvian hairless dog

regular dogs with hair

The next stop was the Chan Chan Museum. They explained all the pottery and weapons and the kind of life the Chamu people lead. They were way before the Incas! They´re work was amazing though. Pretty intricate.

my ancestors, maybe?

The we headed to Chan Chan. It was pretty amazing. Except you can see how alot of the work isnt all original. It´s been restored alot and I think fixed up. But it was still pretty cool. i had been here once before about 8 years ago. But now it has grown and looks alot better.

this represented fishing nets

infront of a fresh water lagoon in Chan Cha


After walking all through Chan chan ruins we wnet to Huanchaco. It was really cold and windy and I was freezing! But I was on the beach so I didn´t really care all that much. I walked on the beach and also on this bridge that goes into the ocean. It was really pretty. I also took some pictures of the fishing boats. The fishermen here still make the same fishing boats they made in Moche times. It´s crazy how they fish on those. They seem like they wouldnt be all that steady. Í don´t think I could get on one anyway...


fishing boats in Huanchaco

big metal things sticking out of the ocean..??

When we were driving back there were all these people in the streets and wouldn´t even let us get through. Apparently there was some kind of protest in the streets. it was kinda cool though. The streets were packed it probably took us an extra 10 minutes to get back to the Hostal because they wouldn´t let us drive through.

protest on the streets

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