Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I´m sick!

So I´ve been a little sick since Friday but I figured it would just go away..Saturday I felt terrible. I didn´t do anything all day but just lay around and watch crime shows. I´m really getting into all this CSI, Law and Order, and The Mentalist shows. I guess that´s all that is really good to watch in english here. Other than The Hills. And after realizing that I was getting into THAT show I knew I had to find something, ANYTHING else to watch!
But anyways, Sunday I felt a little better. I got up and went to church. It was the church´s anniversary so there was going to be some activities all day. After the serbice we had lunch. They made Pure de Manzana, which is pretty much like applesauce, but homemade. But they eat it kinda wierd here. They eat it with the food. Like rice and chicken. I tried it with rice and it really didn´t do anything for me. So I ate it for dessert. It was really good. After lunch there were going to be some Futbol games. So I watched that for a while then it got to cold so I came back inside. Later i went by yeseina´s house to get her for the night service. After that there was going to be a special dinner. It was pretty fun. I took my camera and Jonathan just loved the camera so much I just let him be in charge of the photographing. The food was really good. We had steak and mashed potatoes and rice and salad. Kinda sounds like an American meal now that I think about it. But they toookd forever to bring out the drinks. For some reason here in Peru they serve drinks last. That´s one thing I don´t like. I am always dieing of thirst during my meals!

Jonathan, Yesenia and me

waiting for the food

Yesenia, Lily, and me

all the young people at the church. The cakes were so good!

MOnday I woke up sick again. I hate this! I hate to be sick. My throat was killing me and my nose was all stuffed up. I felt better towars the end of the day. I went to Yesenia´s mom´s little store and we just hung out. She always helps run it when she gets home from work. She has this brother in law named Pepe and he is hilarious. we all just laughed for like 2 hours, This other little lady came by to and stayed a while. He name is Graciela. She is schizophrenic. Atleast that´s what I think. She is so sweet though and so cute! Well I decidede I would try and go to the beach alone the next day. I know what buses to take so Pepe said he would walk me to the bus stope. I told him I would meet him around 12:30.

So then today I woke up and it was sunny again. I was excited becuase that meant it would be a nice day at the beach. I woke up and wnet for a morning run and got back and got ready to go. So I texted Pepe and told him to meet me at 12:45. Well I didnt have any minutes on my cellSo I had to buy a phone card. I couldnt find one in any store and I didnt know how to get a hold of him. So I was just walking around everywhere. Then Cleausa saw me she was coming back form school and she asked me what I was doing. i told her I was gonna go to the beach so we decieded to go together. Who knows what happend to that Pepe guy. Oh well. Wrll my uncle wanted us to eat lunch before we went so we didnt end up leaving until 1:45. We got to the beach and it was still sunny.I took a little nap and I was woken up to this little old man standing over me asking me if I wanted to buy some chocolate! At first I was so confused..Then I bought some chocolate covered coconut. It was really good. So the sun was gone and it was all cloudy and wndy. We decided to just walk back and get something to eat. We got some Papas Rellenas (stuffed potatoes) they were really good. After that we walked back again and went into some littel stores. They had alot of cute jewelry. Then we got on the bus and came back home. I was a little disappointed that I dint get any sun but regardless it´s just nice to be at the beach. We are all going to go again on Friday for a day at the beach. I can´t wait!

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