Friday, November 21, 2008

Huaca del Sol y la Luna

Today I went to La Huaca del Sol y la Luna. I went on this tour with Yesenia´s hotel again. When I got to the hotel there was some kind of protest on the street again. It had to do with fireworks and all that kind of celebration stuff. Now that it´s getting to closer to Chrstmas they try to get people to not use those types of things because they are so dangerous and alot of people get hurt or die every year because of it.

My group was small. There were only 4 of us in the english speaking group. There are 2 temples El Sol(sun) and La Luna (moon). El Sol is covered with sand still. Tourist can´t go into it. They are still working on restoring it. La Luna is the temple where we were able to go into. It was pretty big! And it was really interesting to learn about the Moche people and their culture and all their customs. We walked up this hill type thing and went into the temple. Some of the walls were colorful and well restored. All the colors are original. They have just done a really good job cleaning it and getting all the sand out of the paint. It´s just amazing to be in there and think about the history and everything that occurred right where I was standing it is just a surreal feeling.

outside of the temple before we went in

the walls are made of these dirt bricks

one of the walls that is still up.

these faces were all over the temple

Huaca del Sol, that sand dune looking thing is the temple

over looking Huaca del Sol

This is where they would have sacrifices

I think this wall is so pretty!

When we left the temple we walked back down to the entrance. There were little vendors selling jewelry and little things. We had about 10 minutes to look around. We walked to the front and came upon another Peruvian Hairless dog! We all just looked at it. One of the guys went on and on about how it was the ugliest thing and they should all be dead. I said that even these dogs are cute in their own way. They always look like they are dead though. this one didn´t move at all. But he was breathing.

So the whole time during out tour of the temple none of us from the group really talked to each other. One of the guys was from Australia, I talked to him a little but the other couple was kinda quiet. But when we got in the van we all started talking about Coke leaf tea and how if we could leagally bring it back into the states. They were funny. The girl was from Denmark and I can´t remember where he husband was from, but they live in London. And I just can´t remember their names either. So when we got to the hotel we were all hungry so we decided to just have lunch together. We ate at this restaraunt that was pretty expensive for me..Actually it´s not expensive at all but for the way I spend my money here now it was. I spent about 28 soles which is almost 10 bucks. I ordered duck with rice and an avocado salad and chicha morada to drink. It was quite delicious! We all ended up talking for hours. They all lead such interesting lives. The couple had already been all through southern Peru and had gone to Bolivia and Chile. They had some interesting stories. The Australian guy his name was Nigel he had been all through the south as well. They had all kinda gone to the same places but just at different times. He was kinda strange. He had some wierd stories about serial killers and stalkers. But it was pretty funny. He was like this Biologist Scientist or something crazy like that.. The girl was a therapist for autistic children and the other guy did something with pharmaceauticals. They were really fun to hang out with though. Ive met some really interesting people on this trip so far. I love going on all these tours!

one of the streets in downtown Trujillo, by the hotel

the cathedral infront of the hotel

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