Saturday, June 6, 2009

My new life..

Wow! Life has sure taken a drastic change since last time I wrote. I never actually finished my blog about my trip to Peru. I was quite sad about that. Getting back to the states made me pretty busy with life all over again. And I kinda just lost track of everything. So much has gone on since my last entry. I don't want to bore you with all the details. But right now my life really is pretty AMAZING!!! I am so blessed to have such wonderful, loving parents. I'll fill you in on a few things. I started school at Nossi College of Art and studied Commercial Photography for a semester. I realized that Commercial Photography was not the direction I wanted to take. I am more about Photo Journalism and the whole art of photography. I didn't make it back for the following semester. I knew that there were bigger and better things for me Photographywise, that I would never aspire to by living in Nashville. I actually took a trip to New York about 3 months ago and visited my cousin Cesar. Once I got there I knew that this was where I had to move to. I've always had dreams about moving to a big city in the U.S. and I just fell in love with New York right away! I only stayed about 4 days but before I left I already made plans in my head that I was going to come back as soon as I could! Well a few days after I got back to Nashville I made my announcement to my shocked and concerned parents. They weren't very happy about it. I understood their concern but I knew I just had to do this now. Not think too hard about it because then reality would set in and then I would just freak out and really "wonder what am I thinking?" I didn't want that to happen. Too many times I have tried to reason out situations and plans I had where in the end I just gave up on it. I have no job, I have no plan, I have no idea what I am in for. But I am now officially living in New York! Pretty crazy, even for me. I've only been here a very small amount of time and I still feel so excited and anxious about this place. Everything is so big and everywhere is so crowded. I normally hate situations like this but I don't for some reason now. I even boggle my own mind!

I've already had some exciting and interesting things happen to me since I got here. My bestest friend in the world, Carmen, came with me on the road trip to the city. We had such a fun, awesome time! There's no one I would've rather took this journey to my new life with than her! We drove to Virginia and made a stop there and visited my cousin Jo Anny. We spent a day at the beach and just caught up with each others lives.
Chesid, me, Carmen and Charisa
heading to the beach!

We headed out and got kinda lost again. So Carmen bought a GPS to guide our way to the city. The first night in New York me, Carmen, and Cesar went to Times Square and walked around and ate dinner. I actually had injured my foot In California 2 weeks before while bouldering so I was having a hard time with all the walking but the pain wasn't going to ruin my excitement about my new life and home. We took the train home and it was a nice little ride, up until some drunk guy started puking by the exit door! It was pretty loud and disgusting and the smell was horrendous! But I thought it was quite hysterical. I great start to a new beginning, that's just how I looked at it.
eating some dinner
Times Square
laughing and enjoying Times Square!
the real Batman!

The next morning me and Carmen made a little stop at Dunkin Donuts for some coffee. Everyone had been telling me that I can't be as friendly as I always am now that I moved here. It really annoys me because I am NOT going to change. I'll smile at everyone and I really don't care if they acknowledge me or not. Well while sitting there I smiled at a lady at another table. She looked kinda shocked when I did. But when she was leaving she approached me and told me how grateful she was that I smiled at her and that I made her day and to never stop smiling! Ah! I knew it! Even if I only make 1 persons day out of the 100 I smile at, it is totally worth it! Just then there was some guy buying his food and he happend to turn around and I smiled at him too! (I just can't help myself I guess) well after he was done he approached me too! He told me that I made his day for smiling at him and that I had the most beautiful smile and to never stop smiling! See I knew I was right! And I will be smiling at everyone I see whenever I feel like it!

Me and Carmen drove around the city and we found the Seinfeld restaurant and also the Soup Nazi place. It was so funny to see it after watching Seinfeld all our lives. It was a gloomy, rainy day so we didn't get out of the car at all. We were getting back on the interstate when all of a sudden the back door to a Uhaul truck ahead of us flung open and a suitcase came flying out and landed on the road! We were already going pretty fast and couldn't swerve and just ran over it! Carmen looked back and it never came out from under the car! It was stuck under the car!! We could not stop laughing! But we also didn't know what to do. Carmen caught sight of the Uhaul truck so she caught up with them. They all of a sudden stopped in the middle of the interstate and this guy came out, I guess they had realized the door had opened. Well needless to say I got out of the car to show him and the other lady that we had their suitcase stuck under our car. I had to try and lift up my car as high as I could to pull that thing out. I lifted and the lady helped and the the guy pulled on the suitcase while Carmen went slowly in reverse. We were able to pull it out it was pretty entertaining. They were so thankful that we caught up with them and gave them back their suitcase. This was just a day of good deeds.

"No soup for you!!"
The infamous Seinfeld Restaurant

Carmen went back home a day later. I was so sad to see her go. We had quite an adventure getting here. But she did give me a big, shocking surprise. She gave me the GPS!! I was so happy and flabergasted that I started crying. It was the sweetest thing ever! This is something I will definitely use constantly while I am here! Thanks so much!!!

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