Sunday, December 7, 2008

Church in Tuman...

Julio pastors at a church in a little town called Tuman. He's been there for almost a year I think. I really wanted to hear one of his sermons so I decided to go to church with him. The town is pretty far away from Chiclayo, maybe about an hour or so, but riding in a combi it takes about 2. So we had to leave around 7 am to get there by 9. We took a colectivo from the house to another location where all the little buses and combis pile up and take people to other little towns including Tuman. It was really hectic! There were people all over with all these huge potato sack type bags with vegetables and fruit. They come into town to buy mass amounts of stuff to go and sell back there. So in order to get a seat you really have to just jump in and try to beat everyone to it. Luckily there were 2 combis going to Tuman, so while everyone was all running to get into one of them another came by and we got on really quick. It got packed fast though! The ride was uncomfortable, bumpy, and stinky. That many people just shouldn't be crammed together in one little van type car. The worst was when we would pick up women and they would get on wearing soo much strong, heavy smelling perfume. I thought I would pass out at any minute!Well we finally got there and we still had to walk a little ways to get to the church property. We had to walk down this long dirt road. Kinda sketchy. There weren't people around or anything. We got to the church and my cousin actually lives there so since it didn't start for another hour I just took a nap until it was time.

The church is really small. But I liked it. The children got up and sang. There was this little girl that was just too cute. She was albino. She just had the prettiest face and she was really sweet. Julio preached so well. I was shocked not that it was good but just to see him up there. He is just usually really shy and quiet. He did a really good job though! After church I played with these 2 little kids they were so cute and they just wanted me to take pictures of them. They were adorable.

Julio preaching

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