Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just getting started..

So this is my third day here! I am having such an amazing time. Yesterday (Wednesday) morning my Tio Ismael came to visit me after his doctor´s appointment. He is going to be having surgery in about a week and a half. He recently found out that he had prostate cancer. And it amazes me how happy and energetic he still is. He is one of the funniest people I know! So he came over to my Tia Mimi´s house and we had some tea and bread for breakfast. He told me stories of when he lived in the jungle, in Iquitos, and all his adventures with the tribes and people from there. I love to hear his stories they just seem so exciting and beautiful. I definately want to go into the jungle someday and see it all.

As the afternoon came around we started to get hungry so we decided to go find somewhere to eat. I was craving ceviche so we went down to this little market down the road and there is this "Cevicheria" there that serves really good stuff. So we went there. We sat up stairs to where you could see out to the whole little market. I ordered Ceviche mixto which comes with shrimp, octopus, calamari, clam, fish and other stuff I don´t even know. It was so good!!! There´s nothing like eating ceviche that comes form fresh fish! We drank some Chicha Morada which is a drink here thats really good too. It´s made from purple corn, and boiled over a wooden stove type thing. We also had some fried clamari and yuca. It was a great lunch!

I went over to my cousin Becky´s house after they went home and just hung out with her until early morning again. We just can´t stop talking when we get together. I just love it. I love being here!

Me and my cousin Becky

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